Cheap Wireless Mod for Garrett AT Pro

Written by Survival Nate on .

IMG 0283So I been wanting to setup my Garrett AT Pro to be wireless and today I was in radio shack and say a FM transmitter on clearance for $10, that gave me a idea. I would mount the transmitter on the metal detector and have a FM radio with a ear bud. But the transmitter would not make contact with my adapter so I had to keep the volume control on there. I mounted the transmitter to the arm rest and it works great with no delay.

IMG 0286I found I need a good FM radio of the quality sucks, but it works good I may still try to to the Wireless headset mod but this works for now I hope. just wanted to share. I bought I cheap MP3 player with FM radio and it worked but the tone was muffled, but on a better radio it sounds just like the metal detector. Im going to play with it for awhile to see how well it works. If you have any ideas leave a comment.

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